Apply Symmetry in Photography

– How can I apply symmetry in my photos?

– Look for balance in the weight, volume, light, color, or other properties of key parameters, you will find how!

Check the potential symmetry lines, surfaces, volumes, colors, light sources, and objects in the scene. Find matching angle and point of view and shoot. Sometimes, a little creativity may help your image to stand out of the crowd.

Symmetry makes great shots (Sony DSLR-A350, f/8, 30 sec, ISO100, Sony AF DT 18-250 @ 28mm)
Symmetry and creativity make good shots gooder (Sony DSLR-A350, f/8, 30 sec, ISO100, Sony AF DT 18-250 @ 28mm)

Image story: I went out to have a walk and take some night photos around the lake at my university (Universiti teknologi Malaysia) in 2014. Normally, the humid and misty weather of Malaysia doesn’t allow you to take sharp images at night. However, exemption exists. The clear weather and calm lake motivated me to take a symmetrical image of the buildings, lights, and trees with their mirror image on the lake. To take this  long exposure shot, I set up a tripod, mount my Sony camera on it and locked it’s zoom lens at 28mm. I selected ISO 100 to cancel out all noises, f/8 to achieve a deep depth of field, and shutter speed of 30 sec after some tests to capture all buildings and lights. To make the image more interesting, I cropped it out to have the lake shore as the center line and rotated the whole image to simulate an oil painting effect on the top part without using any filter or effect.

– Roohollah